Q80031903 - When first connecting my Thunderbolt 3 device to my Windows computer, I get pop-up messages.

The new Thunderbolt 3 device must first be authenticated through Intel Thunderbolt 3 software before it can be used. When connecting Areca Thunderbolt device to any Windows PC for the first time, you will see a "New Thunderbolt devices have been attached" message in the bottom right corner of your screen. When this message appears, click "OK" to allow the Areca Thunderbolt device to connect to your computer.



You should see an "Approve Thunderbolt Devices" window listed the Areca Thunderbolt device being connected to the computer. Select the Thunderbolt device you wish to connect and choose "Always Connect" from the drop down menu to avoid having to repeat this step each time the Thunderbolt device is connected. 



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2019-03-20 11:35
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