Q80021712 - What Is the Power Consumption for an ARC-8050T3-6M RAID Storage Device?

Power consumption for an ARC-8050T3-6M storage device is as follows:
Normal Power Consumption:

  • Diskless: 12.7W
  • SAS Hard Drives Idel: 45 watts (Toshiba AL14SEB120N*6 drives)
  • SAS Hard Drives Active: 51 watts (Toshiba AL14SEB120N*6 drives)
  • SATA SSD Idel: 19 watts (Samsung 850Pro 128G*3 + Kingston DC400-480G *3 drives)
  • SATA SSD Active: 23.5 watts(Samsung 850Pro 128G*3 + Kingston DC400-480G *3 drives)
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