Q10060903- I am trying to use an ARC-1220 with a Supermicro X7DWN+ motherboard with 32GB of memory running Linux RHEL5.2 .With drives attached to the RAID card, the motherboard BIOS goes through its steps but halts once it reaches the final screen before handing off to the OS. There is no error message. Without any attached drives the system appears to boot normally. However, if during BIOS posting I try and enter the RAID card's BIOS the system will hang at the selection screen.

The RHEL 5.2 building controller driver has a known bug may caused kernel panic. Please visit our ftp site to download the latest driver source code to avoid this problem.

Tags: ARC-1220, BIOS, drive, driver, FTP, Linux, motherboard, RHEL
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2015-10-16 11:23
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