Q10020903- I'm new to your line of products and was wondering what the steps are to replace a defective drive into an existing array. I have the ARC-1220 controller and a tried to replace the defective with a new HD but the array did not rebuild on its own. Do I have to do something manually to get it to work?

Controller starts to rebuild a degraded array in two conditions:
1. Hotspare disk available.
2. New free drive detected.
But an exist free drive will not be used for rebuilding. Controller keeps existing free drive as free in case customers have some other plans on this drive.
In your situation, if you replace the failed drive after power off, the free drive will become an exist free drive. You can take following actions to activate the rebuilding
1. Assign the free drive as hot spare disk
2. Remove the free drive and put it back while system running
In our concern, a raid system should work 24/7, so a defected member drive
should be replaced while service is running. If customers power off system just for failed drive replacement, we will not use this free drive in case user have other plan.

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