Q10121012 - I learned from the Web that the ARC-1880 has issues with the Mac Pro, and that Areca is already working to fix this issue.

Please check the serial number on the controller which include or later than below serial number. It has fixed the MacPro hardware detective issue.

ARC-1880IXL-12: Y039CACUAR300013

ARC-1880IXL-8:   Y039CACTAR200001

ARC-1880IX-12: Y039CACQAR300001

ARC-1880IX-16: Y039CARUAR600001

ARC-1880IX-24: Y039CACSAR800001

ARC-1880X: Y038CACPAR200070

ARC-1880I: Y039CACOAR200001

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2015-08-25 04:29
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