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Frequently asked questions of SATA/SAS PCI RAID Card Section in year of 2004.

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Q10010406 - How can I enable staggered hard disk spin up on the Areca PCI series controllers? 7555
Q10010407 - I connect a newly purchased Hitachi SATA II harddisk (Model No. HDS728080PLA380) to the Areca PCI SATA ll RAID card, the ArcHttpci software reports that the Current and Supported SATA Mode of the harddisk is SATA150+NCQ(Depth32) but not SATA30 7192
Q10010408 - What is the default user name and password when I have plugged in ARC-1120 controller in my system? 24680
Q10010409 - Can you please send me the pin definitions for the discrete Activity and Fail LED pins on your SATA II controller cards so that I can define some cables to use with our backplanes? Pin definitions, header size, and pitch size would be great. 16307
Q10010410 - What do we have to take care of during a firmware update? Are there any changes on the configuration? Do we have to reconfigure something? 7478
Q10010412 - When I boot from power up I always get 2 beeps from the 1220, than When I restart from windows I always get 3 beeps. This despite the fact that I have the beeper muted and alerts disabled. Is this normal? Is there a listing of what the # of be 6490
Q10020406 - The BIOS Message of the SATA RAID controller never appears on the screen. 4663
Q10020407 - Is there any socket 939 motherboards that work with your model ARC-1210 raid controller? In a SLI board I would use one 16x slot for Graphics card. 8637
Q10020408 - The HP xw9300 Workstation using the motherboard is a re-branded Tyan K8WE (2895) with an HP BIOS. The card is plugged into one of the 64-bit 133Mhz PCI-X slots. The follow symptom occurs when booting our workstation, a message is displayed ind 5365
Q10020409 - Can Areca PCI-X/PCIe SATA II series RAID controller support greater than 2 TB capacity size in one volume set? 12399
Q10020410 - If we remove a disk from a working Raid5 (raidset 3 disks and one spare) the rebuild works fine. Then after the rebuild is finished we insert the removed disk in the same slot and this disk is recognized as a defunct raidset with a defunct vol 3398
Q10020412 - My company will be featuring a system using two of ARC- 6020 at the DV Expo and validating the controllers with a few video card editing/rendering manufacturers. They are using 5x 250GB drives in RAID 5 on each subsystem. The performance has b 2735
Q10020812 - We have a trouble with ARC-1200 on a M/B (Intel 3210 chipset + Intel ICH9) where the F/W of the board is not detected. Do you know this problem? We have tested the ARC-1210 and ARC-1212 w/o trouble. 2227
Q10030406 - Which O/S (Operating System) will support X86 64-bit processors? 5534
Q10030407 - I already created FreeBSD 5.2.1 install floppies from your support CD, but I can't install it. System will reboot automatically after kernel loaded. 3640
Q10030409 - I'm trying to push the 1GB modules as a promotion with the Areca Raid controllers. Can you please let me know what are the advantages of getting the 1GB cache and also explain in which environments is bigger cache worth getting. 4299
Q10030410 - Does your PCI-X/PCIe card turn the disk drive write cache on? 3314
Q10030411 - Is there a low profile bracket in the 4-Port or 8-port controller cards? 4135
Q10040406 - What products support RAID 6? 3175
Q10040407 - For greater than 2TB volume, what is the difference between "64bit LBA" and "Windows"? 5622
Q10040409 - Does your controller card turn the disk drive write cache on? 3660
Q10040410 - Is it possible to generate SNMP Traps for manager to monitor all systems? The SNMP agent function is included at the ArcHttpci module in the Windows environment. 2970
Q10040412 - As the drive count increases in a RAID5 array so does the write performance? 2978
Q10050406 - What PCI slots are supported by the SATA RAID controllers? 3503
Q10050407 - Is it possible to replace these fans with passive heat sinks? I have often done so with Northbridge fans, using Zalman heat sinks. These seem to work perfectly. Obviously, using such a large heat sink would make some PCI slots unusable, but th 4485
Q10050409 - How does your controller ensure that parity is not corrupted when power loss occurs and parity data is left unwritten in the drive cache? 3839
Q10050411 - How can I get the Areca PCI-X/PCIe RAID controller system error messages and controller event log with Linux, and FreeBSD? 3804
Q10050412 - I have a SuperMicro 3u 19" rackmount enclosure with 15 SATA drives. We need the pin-out to make sure that the lights (activity/fault) are working. The cables included in the Supermicro chassis don't have a one-to-one relationship with the pins 3379
Q10060406 - What operating systems are supported? 3687
Q10060407 - Could you advise us the types of memory we could use in Areca PCI RAID controller? It is difficult to find the right type of memory, SO-DIMMS with ECC (but not buffered) are hard to find. 3836
Q10060409 - Is there any way to get complete SMART information from disks running under ARC boards? Particularly we are interested to see number of real located sectors per drive, seek error rate and other "pre-fail" parameters. 3782
Q10060410 - We purchased and installed ARC-1170 RAID-6 Controller for the server. As indicated on your user manual P.38, the system displayed after boot-up: >>> No BIOS disk Found. RAID Controller BIOS not installed! I have no way to eliminate this MSG, i 4600
Q10060411 - Can an Areca RAID card be recovered from a partially applied firmware update? 965
Q10060412 - I am trying to update the firmware on an ARC1110 card via the web interface. However, this does not work, I can update ARC1110MBR0.BIN (masterboot) and ARC1110BIOS.BIN (bios) and this works fine. But when I try to update ARC1110FIRM.BIN the br 2881
Q10070406 - What is the warranty period? 3551
Q10070407 - What is the status of Port Multiple support in your SATA-II RAID6 adapter card products of the ARC-11X0 and ARC-12X0 series? 3370
Q10070409 - We are experiencing ARC-1120/8 channel SATA ll technical problem with some test machines. Only one of the servers lists the temperatures of the drives. The other 2 do not. They just show zero as temperature. 3381
Q10070410 - Can two ARC-1120 cards be used to make a single volume out of drives 16 drives? 3347
Q10070411 - I have seen the driver loading (Alt-F3) during installing ARC-1110 driver, it said "driver loaded but with warning", what is that mean? Also, under the ARC-1160D SATA RAID Card Bios, if I select "LBA 64bits" options, SuSe Linux 9.0 x86_64 OS a 3012
Q10070412 - When we install 4GB or bigger system memory, it hangs up after some hours heavy load work with ARC-1160ML. But, installing 2GB is okay. The Linux kernel is 2.4. What is the problem? 2723
Q10080406 - What is the difference between RAID 6 and RAID 5? 3721
Q10080407 - If the RAID controller is idle just sitting by itself, you can see periodically, the blue LED on top of each Controller hard disk will blink, which means periodically (scanning the drives about every 1.5 minutes), the RAID controller is doing 3907
Q10080410 - Is there a limitation on number of drives that can be in a RAID 5? For example, can we make a RAID 5 on the 24 ports card with 23 drives? 2842
Q10080411 - I am trying to install 64-bit Windows system onto my ARC-1170 Raid array. Why I can not support volume set greater than 2TB in the basic disk? 2377
Q10080412 - Is it possible to combine JBOD and RAID on the same controller at once? I have drives and would like to put in RAID 5 and some other drives which already have NTFS partitions on them. I want to copy the data from the existing NTFS drives over 2289
Q10090406 - The boot device cannot found? 12183
Q10090407 - Is that possible that arcmsr Linux driver assigns one device node /dev/sda with 2x ARC-1120 (8 drives x 2 = total 16 drives)? 3878
Q10090410 - What is the largest possible size of an ext3 filesystem and files on ext3? 3732
Q10090411 - Can Areca PCIe controller work with the desktop M/Bs chip integrated graphics function on-chip with one PCIe X16 slot originally defining for graphics board option? 2506
Q10090412 - The motherboard (Tyan Thunder K8SE) has a physical x16 PCIe connector, but this connector only supports x4 lanes. Would the x8 ARECA ARC-12xx RAID6 cards work in this slot? 3114
Q10100406 - Is it possible to write software that will run on Intel’s processors with Intel® EM64T, and AMD’s 64-bit capable processors? 2059
Q10100410 - Is there a good method to aging all HDDs including Spare HDD? 2665
Q10100411 - Why areca 1220 rev. b can not working with shuttle XPC sb81p barebone PC x16 PCI-Express? 3103
Q10100411 - Why areca 1220 rev. b can not working with shuttle XPC sb81p barebone PC x16 PCI-Express? 2314
Q10100412 - I see you support Windows 200, XP, and Server 2003. But you don't say specifically that you support Windows XP 64bit. Do you? If so, which driver should I use? 3170
Q10110406 - Do Areca multilane controllers, such as the ARC-1130ML and ARC-1160ML, include the multilane cable? 3387
Q10110411 - Can ARC-12XX SATAII RAID card work in chip set which integrates graphic and supports one graphic PCIe x16 socket in motherboard? 2340
Q10110412 - Can I have multiple RAIDs on your card specifically one RAID 0 for 4 drives, another RAID 0 for 4 drives and 4 more drives on non-RAID. Do all RAIDs have to be SATA II drives ? Can I have one RAID of SATA I with another RAID of SATA II ? Will 2803
Q10120407 - Is there a tool for the ARC-1120 controller to send an email on a Linux system, if a drive fails? 3330
Q10120410 - I got a Windows 2003 server while an areca card (ARC-1160) and I can't send event message with the onboard lan port connection. My SMTP server is a domino lotus, I think it block message because the card is an relay. 3217
Q10120411 - Does Areca PCI-X/PCIe Raid Adapter support A DOS BOOT DISK, which I could execute GHOST 8.0? 2395
Q10120412 - How do I choose staggered spin up to ease power load at startup? There is no mention of it in the manual. 2952
Q10130406 - What Version of FreeBSD support is available for Areca PCI-X ARC-11XX and PCI-E ARC-12XX series products? 3648
Q10130407 - Is it possible to use an ARC-1210 in a PCI Express 4x slot? 12340
Q10130410 - Is there some compatibility problems with the Samsung SP2504C of SATA-II? 3768
Q10130411 - On a system running Solaris X64: # uname -a SunOS fm-nas4 5.10 Generic_118844-20 i86pc i386 i86pc # isainfo -b 64 The system is unable to properly recognize volumes over 500MB. Is there any explanation or fix for that? 4140
Q10130412 - For the SO-DIMM on the ARC-1160ML card, can I use ECC/Registered or ECC/Non-Registered? 3419
Q10140407 - I recently bought an ARC-1120 controller and I would like to ask how can I rebuild a RAID 6 volume? I tried turning off the PC and disconnecting the SATA cable and see if it will rebuild automatically but it didn't. 4246
Q10140411 - We have an ARC-1220 and 8 Seagate 400GB drives. There were six members on the RAID 6 array and we inserted one drive. Then we click Expand RAID Set. It migrated in the data to the new drive but did not increase the volume size and Windows only 2852
Q10140412 - Does Areca PCIe/PCI-X RAID adapter support the TCQ for Western Digital Raptor 74GB? If it does not, what drives do you recommend with this card for performance? 2622
Q10150407 - Another issue about Asus A8N-SLI Premium is that with the new BIOS, the throughput decreased from 150Mbyte/sec to 90MByte/sec. Any ideas what could be the problem? 11313
Q10150410 - Is Areca PCI-X/PCIe SATA ll RAID adapter compatible with Solaris-X86 Intel platform? 3368
Q10150411 - Is there a MIB available for that we can integrate the areca cards' SNMP interface with our monitoring system? 4558
Q10150412 - If we only use the same hard disks and chassis, but controller changed. What do we have to take care of? Is the complete configuration stored on the hard disks? What will happened if the new controller has a lower/higher firmware? Do we have t 2222
Q10160407 - How will IntelR EM64T work and what software is there to take advantage of 64-bit extensions? 3438
Q10170411 - Customer is using the Hitachi 500GB drives and the Hitachi Utility has a option where you can enable spread spectrum clocking. Should this be enabled when using the Areca controllers? 3021
Q10180411 - I'm trying to push the 1GB modules as a promotion with the Areca Raid controllers. Can you please let me know what is the advantages of getting the 1GB cache and also explain in which environments is bigger cache worth getting. 2591
Q10190411 - Do Areca PCI-X/PCIe RAID controllers put the event information into Linux/FreeBSD system log at /var/log/messages? 3213
Q10230411 - Is there a tool which we can easily use to find all raid systems on the network? Does it work only on the same subnet or in all reachable subnets? Can we change the network settings for some units from standard ip configuration to custom netwo 3315
Q10240411 - Are there any hidden web pages or special tools to test the unit like generating io's or just test data through the web interface to do some stress checking or analysis ? 3160
Q10250411 - I am running Hitachi Deskstar 250GB drives, and successfully set up a 3-drive RAID-5 array. I added a 4th drive and migrated successfully to RAID-6. Now I've added a 5th, and enlarged both the RAID set and volume set. That's good─both RA 2646
Q10260411 - I have an array on an Areca external series controller. Can I roam that array for use with the PCI-X or PCIe? 2188
Q10270411 - We are currently evaluating an ARC-1160 16 ports controller. When in JBOD mode, only 15 volumes are available, even though all 16 ports have a device attached. Is this correct? When examining the initialization screen at POST, I noticed that S 2325
Q10280411 - Is it normal for RAID controllers to use the same IRQ in different slots. For example, I have a customer uses two ARC-1160ML and one ARC-1130ML cards in one motherboard. The two ARC-1160ML are using the same IRQ 10 and the ARC-1130ML is using 2134
Q10290411 - Is there any way to start HTTP management software (Archttppci) with Windows, perhaps as a service, and have it automatically start the proxy for all controllers found? This way the controller can be managed remotely without having to sign in 3516
Q10300411 - Is there anywhere a change log for the firmware version? 2943
Q10310411 - When using archttp to configure the network information on a machine to get event notifications working, does it require its own dedicated ip or the same information as one of the Ethernet interfaces on the machine? 3027
Q10320411 - I set the truncate disk capacity to 1G when it was set up. It looks like when you do this the WD 250.1GB drives go to 250GB and the WD250.0GB drive goes to 249GB which is what you describe, but I don't know why the 250.0 drive should go to 249 3052
Q10330411 - I just installed my new Areca PCI-X/PCIe Raid Adapter, but I haven't connected any disc drives yet. McBIOS works ok! Driver in Windows XP seems to work ok, but when I try to start archttppci, it says "0 controllers found". Is it normal, no dri 3563
Q10340411 - How many (maximum) Windows XP volume partitions the controller will support? (I'd like a 50GB boot (C:), 250GB workspace (D:) and 500GB backup partition (E:) minimum) 2464
Q10350411 - How many SATA RAID controllers can be installed into a computer system? 2812
Q10360411 - Upgrading ARC-1260 to the newest 1.38 firmware and I was able to install 3 out of 4 when the computer rebooted. Now I am not able to upgrade the last of the firmware. The controller can no longer be detected over the Ethernet and can not get i 2807
Q10370411 - Upgrading the ARC-1130 Firmware Version to V1.38 2005-10-4, the controller gets stuck at the bios screen saying "Waiting for raid controller f/w to come ready". If I turn the computer off and on, it boots up fine. 3205
Q10380411 - We run Areca Service version Archttppci for Windows. It is giving a “Malformed Startup String” error and not working, do you have any ideas? 3273
Q10390411 - Is there any way I can blink individual ports on my Areca PCI-X/PCIe Raid Adapter? I want to know which port matches which? 2749