Q10030903- I am trying to install server 2008 with the 64 bit driver listed for server 2008 on areca website. The install process will not accept the driver because it is not signed (32 bit Storport driver appears to work). Do you have any suggestions on guidance on getting the 64bit driver to load?

If using combo edition contains both 32bit and 64bit OS in one DVD, it is the installation program problem. You have to follow these procedures below to complete the 64bit system installation.
1. Prepare 32bit and 64bit driver both. Storport or Scsiport is not a matter.
2. Load 32bit driver first, system post warning message, ignore it and continue to load it.
3. Load 64bit driver next, system post warning message again, ignore and load it.
4. Follow the common system installation procedures.

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