Q80041903 - I need to know how to set ARC-8050T2 SMTP for alerts.

ARC-8050T3 has two ways available to generate alert emails : through onboard Ethernet port and through the archttp proxy software. Email through controller onboard Ethernet port can be configured through the 'Alert by Mail Configuration' feature in web manager console, the System Control menu. This feature works only if the onboard Ethernet port had been properly configured.


The email through archttp is configured through the archttp buildin email configure page, this feature works through the motherboard Ethernet port. You must make sure your OS did not block the smtp port.


The firmware buildin email service does not support SSL or domain name server. SSL and domain name server is supported by archttp only. In archttp version 2.3.1 or later, ArcHTTP has supported SSL and SMTP Server IP Address by NAME or Number. You can use the feature call 'generate test event' in controller manager to generate an event to test the email configuration.




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