Q10011309 - File "ARC1880BIOS.BIN" contained in Firmware V1.52 for the 1880/1213/1223 series fails to update using either DosFlash [V1.50] or ArcHttp [V2.3.4].

The new BIOS has add one option (BIOS Selection) to select the BIOS code on the controller. There are legacy BIOS, UEFI and EFI bios, all are 32K bytes. The ROM size for the controller has fixed to 64K and cannot be adjusted. We change the arrangement of BIOS to

   (A) BIOS1: Legacy+EFI+UEFI (32K+32K+32K) --> EFI cannot be used

   (B) BIOS2: Legacy+UEFI+EFI (32K+32K+32K) --> UEFI cannot be used

   ==> If legacy is selected --> BIOS1/BIOS2 can be used

   ==> If UEFI is selected --> BIOS1 is used

   ==> If EFI is selected --> BIOS2 is used (for Intel_based MacPro)

   ==> If BIOS is to be disabled --> All data are 0xFF


Please update the firmware firstly to 1.52 and restart the controller for firmware 1.52 to take effect, then update the BIOS code.

Otherwise it fails to update it.

Tags: ARC-1213, ARC-1223, ARC-12x3, ARC-1880, Archttp, BIOS, firmware
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2015-08-24 10:38
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