Q10051811 - I have 8 in a server that I am building, and the drives are. ST6000nm0285 drives are not detected by the ARC-1883i. Other SATA drives work in the enclosure with the card, how to do to make them visible?

SAS 12Gb drives with SAS 3.0 standard and SATA 6Gb drives with SATA 3.3 standard define power connector pin3 as Power Disable pin, but pin1-3 was defined for 3.3V input in older standards. If the backplane power connector provides 3.3V to pin3, it will disable the power of the hard drive and result drive does not spin up.

Two possible solutions for this case:
1. Paste a tape on the hard drive SAS connector (P1~P3) to block power down control feature, because we do not use this feature.
2. Modify the backplane to remove 3.3V power feature. You can contact with your original supplier for backplane rework assist.




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