Q10021805 - Data can be accessed using old SED key from a new regular ( not encrypted ) RAID set which creates from an deleted SED RAID sets without secure delete.

A SED RAID Set is a RAID Set that has been locked on a control­ler that holds a security key. When you delete existing SED RAID sets, there has one option available to perform an Instant Secure Erase. The “Secure Erase The Member Disks” function is the pro­cess of permanently erasing all data on the SED disks and reset­ting the security attributes. The data on the SED disk is lost. The data encryption key remains in the disk if you delete a SED raidset without secure erase. SED feature has two keys: access control key and data encryption key. Password is the access control key. Change password only revises the access control key not the data encryption key.




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