Q80012209 - ARC-8050T3U-6 has been stuck in a "Volume State: Need Init" state for over a week. How does the drives initialize?

Has this box been listed in Mac with driver loaded state?

Thunderbolt raid storage will start background tasks only if the driver is loaded. Please check the following items in MacOS, SysInfo page: 


1. In Hardware > PCI page, have you seen the raid box been listed inside with driver loaded state?


2. In Software > Extensions, have you seen the ArcMSR been listed without error in the driver description?


For M1 machines, you will see two drivers listed, a kernel buildin driver and a new driver you installed. Only the new driver support M1 machines. Make sure the newer driver installed and loaded. Remember to read the installation notice for M1 Mac (https://www.areca.us/support/download/adapter/doc/Important%20notice%20for%20installing%20Areca%20driveron%20M1.pdf ) before driver installation. It has information for the system security settings to allow our driver to be loaded.




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