Q10050903- I am using ARC-1680 with MacOS X 10.5.6 and driver version: 1.3.2. The WEB UI is not responding to the password I have set. It shows me some of the interface but repeatedly asks for the password, saying the one I have set is incorrect.

We have problem with Mac Safari connecting to the web-based management console of our hardware RAID cards. The management console is a password protected web page using MD5 digest. The phenomenon is when one uses SAFARI to login to the web page, SAFARI keeps asking for username and password repeatedly.

We found the root cause is that SAFARI uses different TCP ports to get the web
pages. When TCP ports change, however, SAFARI DOES NOT append the digest
challenge message in every HTTP request, resulting in the requests being
rejected by the web server (HTTP/1.1 401 unauthorized) in management console.
With that, SAFARI asks for user username and password again and again and again! Please use the Mozilla Firefox as your temporary solution.

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2022-01-06 07:57
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