Q60012103 - I have an iMac Pro with MacOS 11.2.3. I do video editing. Sometimes I copy many Gigabytes of date to/from the ARC-8050U3-6 RAID array with no problems. But sometimes I perform complex compositions using small amounts of video files. In these cases, my graphics processor needs an hour or more to process a few GB of data. This is when I have experienced issues accessing the disk array.

I turned off the “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” option. That solved the problem of array disk spin down. Turning off “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” also have solved the issue of the RAID volume not responding. Maybe MacOS does something wrong when it tells hard disks to go to sleep. Now I am able to intensively process small amounts of video without any issues with the Areca RAID volume.




Tags: ARC-8050U3-6, macOS
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2021-03-25 11:14
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