Q10012301 - Supermicro SYS-110P-WTR doesn’t detect the intel-3600 NVMe when using ARC-1886-16I (Firmware 1.63).

Supermicro SYS-110P-WTR (BPN-SAS3-LB16A-N10) and AS-2014CS-TR (BPN-SAS3-LA26A-N12) system use the SFF-8654 [8X] connector for connecting between ARC-1886-16I tri-mode RAID adapter and backplane. ARC-1886 firmware version 1.63 has compatible issue with those Supermicro tri-mode universal backplanes. Update RAID adapter firmware to version 1.64 for this workaround. But backplane seperates the 8X to two 4X NVMe SFF-8639 receptacle connector. The “Int CNT1/2 NVME Link Width Config” in the RAID adapter is default “Auto” for configuring each receptacle connector 1X link lane. This can be solved to login raid controller web manager console and set “Int CNT1/2 NVME Link Width Config” =4X in the Advanced Configuration.




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2023-01-20 15:25
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