Q10012212 - How to launch the ARC-1203 McBIOS RAID configuration utility message during the start-up sequence in the Advantech AIMB-707G2 M/B?

The Intel® 10th//11th generation processors with integrated graphics controllers only work UEFI BIOS (CSM=Disabled) mode. You can only launch ARC-1203 setup utility through the UEFI shell. Press the “Del” tab from the AIMB-707G2 setup (BIOS V3.00 ) screen to enter the Advanced setup screen. Select CSM Configuration option item of the screen to go to disable the CSM Support. Select Drivers Health option item (UEFI Shell) in the Advanced setup screen to select ARC-1203 PCIe location driver configuration to enable the McBIOS setup screen.




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