Q10041705 - ARC-1203-2I RAID volume is not detected by Acronis to load image.

Acronis software is working under Acronis boot loader to do the restore function. The rescue boot drive made by Acronis 2017 use kernel 4.4.x, the kernel buildin driver in this kernel version support upto ARC1214 but not newer ARC1203. ARC-1203 series RAID adapter device driver is into Linux kernel since version 4.5. The other alternative rescue boot drive WinPE does not contain our driver inside, so it will not able to see any Areca card. so you must build a customized version with our driver inside to be able to support our raid cards. Please use the following KB to add ARC-1203 driver to other alternative WinPe Acronis boot drive. We do the following steps:


(1). Follow the following link to create WinPe Acronis boot drive.


59184: Acronis True Image 2017: How to create a WinPE-based bootable media


(2). Follow the following link to add ARC-1203-2I driver to create WinPe Acronis boot drive.


100770: Guide to Add Drivers to WinPE Recovery Media

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