Q80021407 - Seagate 12Gb/s SAS ST6000NM0014 Drives will not be detected on ARC-8050T2 Storage.

12Gb drives define SAS connector pin3 for power down control, but pin1-3 was defined for 3.3V input on 6Gb or older SAS specifications. If the backplane provides 3.3V, 3.3V will trigger the hard drive power down feature and result drive not start up. Our 8050 backplane provides 3.3V, so 12G drives will not power up on 8050.

Two possible solutions for this case:

1. Paste a tape on the hard drive SAS connector (P1~P3) to block power down control feature, because we do not use this feature.

2. Modify the backplane to remove 3.3V power feature

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2016-02-16 04:52
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