Q10081310 - Customer upgraded Mac OS X from 10.8 to 10.9 successfully. However, Archttp wouldn't run from the desktop.

Since Apple 10.9 has changed the directory that we put the Archttp daemon on the previous version OS X. Archttp wouldn't run from the desktop. User needs to use the new version installer to correct the Archttp daemon location again

1. Upgrading from 10.8 to 10.9 

(a). Move the file archttp64.plist to the right location and reboot system.

archttp64.plist location in ~10.8: \System\Library\LaunchDaemons\

archttp64.plist location in 10.9: \Library\LaunchDaemons\


(b). Uninstall older mraid and use new installer to install again.


2. User is clean installation of 10.9

Use the new installer (install_mraid-20130815.zip) to install APs and Driver. The 10.9 has included buildin driver support our RAID cards and Thunderbolt products, you do not have to install the driver.

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