Q10021406 - Connecting an AIC XJ3000-4603M with 60 drives to an ARC-1882X, the ARC-1882X only sees 6 of the 60 drives.

The AIC fw2A9_v1.11.9.3 is 3 SESs version firmware that includes Hub and right/left edge expander. The fw2A9_v1.11.9.53 is 1 SES version firmware that hides right and left edge expander. The old version ARC-1882X firmware can only work with 3 SESs version expander firmware. ARC-1880/1882/1883 firmware date: 2014-7-21 or later can support both one SES and 3 SESs expander firmware from AIC JBOD XJ3000-4603M.

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