Q10121404 - Can I expand the capacity of the raid by hot swapping each drive one at a time. And waiting for the system to rebuild, and then replacing the next one.

There has one additional Clone Disk function from firmware version 1.52. You can use this clone disk function to replace one by one.


After you clone all HDDs, the Raidset configuration needs to be re-calculated.

Please follow the procedure below.

1.  login the browser management console
Raidset Functions > Rescue RaidSet
2. enter the keyword "RESETCAPACITY raidsetname", without the quotes, confirm and submit.
after that, controller will reconfigure the Raidset capacity.



The Raidset name is the name shown in the Raidset hierarchy page. ue which may result transfer failure using the web manager console. You choose another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

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