Q10061404 - Is it somehow possible to convert a normal (non-raid) disk to a member of a raid 1 set (mirror) and maintain the data on this disk?

The data structure in array member drive is different from the structure of a common disk connected on motherboard. Controller writes array configuration data into raidset member disks when you create an array. The available space of a raidset member disk will be smaller than the capacity of the disk. You can't directly assign an existed data disk as a raidset member without data lost.
You can follow the procedures below:
1. Attach a new free disk to controller, and created a RAID 0 volume on it.
2. Clone the existed data from the original disk to this RAID 0 volume.
3. Check this RAID 0 volume, and make sure all data had been cloned.
4. Power off system, and connect the original disk to controller.
5. Power on system, and expand the raidset with this disk and migrate the volume to RAID 1 at same time.

Two things must be checked:
A. The volume capacity will be smaller than the physical size, please make sure all data had been cloned without problem.
B. You must modify the raid level while raidset expansion, you can not migrate it after raidset volume expansion completed.

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