Q10011404 - When upgrading the RAID controller from ARC-1680 model to a new ARC-1880IX-24 I get a STOP Error 0x0000007B (INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE) that occurs just before the login screen would appear.

ARC-1680 and ARC-1880 use the same driver package, but different product ID. Perform the following steps to add support for bootable drive roaming:

1. Boot system from ARC-1680 with ARC-1880 installed and follows the prompts to install the device driver for ARC-1880.

2. Move the array with system from ARC-1680 to ARC-1880.


(a). Roaming the stripe size 256K/512K/1024k Raid Set to firmware version older than 1.52 will cause data corruption. Corruption happens only if you roam a Raidset with new added stripe size to another card which has older firmware without new stripe size support.

(b). 128 volumes is the default RaidSet mode for Areca SAS RAID controller, and 16 volumes mode is used for support roaming this RaidSet to Areca PCIe SATA RAID controllers. The SATA RAID controller is designed to support up to 16 volumes only. You have to use “Max 16 volumes” on the Raidset mode if you plan to roam this RaidSet between SAS RAID controller and PCIe SATA RAID controller.

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