Q80042208 - When I shutdown the MacPro7,1 installed ARC-1886-4N8I with 4x MTF-7300PRO-1920M2 NVMe SSD, it will reboot by itself with following message: "Power Off timed out in phase 'Notifying power plane drivers'. Total 30000 ms: vfs_unmountall: 846 ms".

This issue can be fixed by updating the x86-only driver to version 1.4.7-20220712. Areca macOS bundle x86-only driver persists on the system in /System/Library/Extensions/. But out of band (manual) update of x86- driver is no longer be possible from Apple macOS. You need to change the RAID adapter device ID using ARC1886BOOT.86 code and manually install the x86-only or universal driver in /Library/Extensions/. The driver version 1.4.7-20220712 downloaded from Areca web site instead of macOS x86-only bundle driver similar as M1 Macs. 




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2022-08-11 05:30
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