Q80032103 - Areca ARC-8050T3-24R storage units wont boot up when Dell 7820 and Dell 7920 PC is booting. The LED's become red and the storage is not appearing in Windows as disc partition. The only solution is to power off PC and then when Areca after power off the physically pull off the TB cable from Storage and then plug it again.

It is a compatible issue between the thunderbolt boxes and the Dell 7820 and Dell 7920 Windows 10 computer with Thunderbolt add-in card. You can check with the Dell to see if there have newer bios or driver available for the thunderbolt port. Otherwise you can use the shorter passive thunderbolt cable to fix this issue. The shorter thunderbolt passive cables have different behavior compared with active cables. But it can work very well with macOS environment using Thunderbolt active cable.




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