Q10101903 - Controller is showing “Incompleted” and RAID not showing.

The raidset status 'incompleted' is used to avoid unnecessary array degradation. The raidset status may become incompleted when there have one or more array member drive absented before controller firmware ready. Under “incompleted” state, controller will temporary hide all volumes in the array to avoid data mismatch between missing member and rest members. In this condition, you can directly insert the missing disks back online. Once these missing members have been recognized, these hidden volumes will appear immediately and the raidset status will change from "incompleted" to "normal", no rebuilding needed.

If the missing disk can't be recovered, you can directly activate this incompleted raidset through the “Activate Incomplete RAID” in the raidset functions menu. Once you activate this raidset, the raidset status will change from "incompleted" to "degraded", and these hidden volumes will appear with corresponding status.

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2019-03-20 11:11
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