Q60011208 - I plug the ARC-5040 box USB 3.0 port into an Apple MacBook Air with USB 3.0 support. The USB 3.0 port link LED green light starts blinking and never stops. The computer never sees the USB 3.0 connection only USB 2.0.

The issue was the JMICRON JMS539 USB 3.0 Bridging chip in the Areca ARC-5040 (ARC-5040-1 Version 1.1) raid box. It has fixed by the latest available JMS539_PM_255. firmware package. You can update it by Jmicron windows utility. All ARC-5040 (ARC-5040-1 Version 1.2) raid box has used the Jmicron new version firmware on JMS539 bridge chip.

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2015-08-24 06:16
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