Q80031805 - Does Areca ARC-8050T3-12 work on Linux?

The user-space components operate in coordination with the upstream Thunderbolt kernel driver (found in v4.13) to provide the Thunderbolt functionalities. These components are NOT compatible with the old out-of-tree Thunderbolt kernel module. Users need to add the Thunderbolt(TM) user-space components on the linux environments which are similar as Windows for thunderbolt M/B to enable the thunderbolt functionalities.



You need to upgrade your kernel to version v4.13.13 or higher for the daemon user-space components. Our linux driver in the kernel does not work with ARC-8050T3 hotplug. From Linux Raid driver source v1.40.00.05, it can support thunderbolt cable hotplug.

You cannot make your old Linux kernel version PC to recognize ARC-8050T2 even if you 
install every driver (using driver source v1.40.00.05) that is uploaded on our website.




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