Q10051012 - We are aware that the Areca ARC-1680 has a NIC on the back that is able to send the traps directly, but we have been unable to correctly decode the traps thrown from the ArcHttp64 binary. We are attempting to use the ArcHttp64 process to monitor and send traps for our system.

The current firmware will send the trap through the Areca ARC-1680 cards having a NIC on the back. You can not send through PCIe in-band bus using the Archttp proxy server. The firmware version date: 2010/09/02 or later version that it has one setting “SNMP Through PCI Inband” for you to select through PCI in-band bus. You need to restart the controller after you change the setting.

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2015-08-25 04:21
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