Q10041012 - The SAS interface is ST32000444SS and the SATA interface is ST32000644NS. We would like to build up some high power servers using ARC-1680ix-24's. There are write issues, but reads ok. Drive writes fine for a few seconds at around 142MB/sec, then it drops to 3.6MB/sec and stays there.

Seagate support revealed that factory 'NEW' drives need to have a 24 hour 'burnin' done. Where they are powered up and connected to a controller, but not accessed. The drive firmware then does an internal surface verify. Once this internal verify has completed, it is not done again. When this verify is 'pending', like a new drive out of the box, the drive will read OK on Areca ARC-1680ix controllers and an LSI generic SAS controller, however, the pending verify causes all sorts of cache like write issues, especially and immediately on the ARC-1680ix with this drive, which results in write speeds of 1-3 MB/sec, a near hang, but no errors.
Once this 24 hour verify had completed, everything works correctly on the ARC-1680ix.. We tested a raid0 and raid5 of with eight ST32000444SS drives.  Achieved both read and write speeds at cylinder 0 of slightly over 1 GB/sec in raid0, and around 900 MB/sec in raid5.

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