Q10021005 - When will TRIM support be available in the driver for the ARC-1231ML and related products?

The TRIM command specificationis being standardized as part of the AT Attachment (ATA) interface standard, led by Technical Committee T13 of the International Committee for Information Technology Standards.

A TRIM command allows an operating system to tell a solid-state drive (or "SSD") which data blocks are no longer in use, such as those left by deleted files.

You should use the OS build-in ATA command device driver to communicate the ATA port for TRIM command. But, most of the RAID adapters emulate the SCSI command to support more volumes on one RAID adapter. That's why the TRIM command can not support on all vendors of RAID adapters. NetAPP just proposal the Trim command for SCSI spec to T10/10-084r0 and 079r0 on 2 March 2010.It may be included the Trim function on the OS in the future. This is the only method to add the function on the firmware level. We will think about the possibility of using utility to send the command to the firmware on the currently stage.

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