Q10041001 - User upgraded the MAC OS-X to 10.5.8. Upgraded the Areca firmware version to 1.4.7 from www.areca.com.tw, and then loaded in the updated driver for the card. Once he did this, the ARC-1221x drive array no longer mounted. He could see the drives in MRAID (using Firefox at http://localhost:81), but no errors were shown, and everything appeared to be normal. However, the drive array was no longer seen by the Macintosh computer.

There has one known device disappear issue on Mac before. The problem occurred if you upgrade Mac OS from 10.5.5 or older to 10.5.6 or newer. The controller volume will be disappeared after you successfully upgrade it and reboot the system. This known issue had been fixed by the new driver version 1.3.2 date 2009/07/10.

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