Q10101106 - We just bought 11 x AS -1022G-NTF and added all of them a ARC-1212 on the riser card. What’s really strange is that the RAID boards run always during the POST (we can access to the firmware, build a RAID array, etc…) but when we are into OS, the system don’t see the RAID card !

Those server/motherboard has latest BIOS Rev. 1.1a from SuperMicro web site.




Please change BIOS menu \Advanced \PCI/PnP Configuration \SXB1 Configuration = 2x8


But it’s really strange that when we use “AUTO” we have this issue! This is depending on the riser card. Some riser card support Auto-switch feature, others need to manually change it.

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2015-08-25 04:09
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