Q10091106 - ARC-1880i Firmware 1.49 data:2011-02-18 with 4U x 36 bay Chassis Supermicro Chassis SC847E16-R1400UB: 24 bays in the front, backplane with LSI 2x36 SAS Expander and 12 bays in the back, backplane with LSI 2x28 SAS Expander. Plug in the front backplane only, sees all disks in the front and plug in the back backplane only, sees all disks in the back. But if I plug in both the front and the back, only sees the disks from the front backplane, and all disks from the back are missing.

This is the problem from SuperMicro put those backplane same logical enclosure ID. We have fixed this issue on the latest version firmware.

Tags: ARC-1880i, firmware, SAS
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2015-08-25 04:09
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