Q10031106 - I am having problems daisy chaining these SAS Enclosures to ARC-1880 RAID card. If only one enclosure is hooked up from the external rear SAS it works great, but as soon and I shutdown and connect another enclosure daisy chained to the first, it just times out and reboots over and over while saying waiting for f/w to become ready.

The possible situation is improperly SAS address information in these SAS enclosures. Please follow these procedures below and take some screen shoots to analyze it.

1. Connect one SAS enclosure to ARC-1880 only and power on the system. (drives are not necessary)

2. Login controller web manager console and take a screen shoot on the entire raidset hierarchy page

3. Power off system and unplug the SAS cable between ARC-1880 and the enclosure.

4. Repeat step 1 to 3 until all enclosures been connected once.

The raidset hierarchy page will show the SAS address of enclosure. If it is same on any two enclosures, it will mistake the SAS address on the enclosure. 

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