Q10061103 - Using ARC-1680LP with Supermicro SC216E1-R900UB, it displayed the following messages. "E3 5V Under Voltage", "E3 12V Under Voltage", "E3 5V Recovered", "E3 12V Recovered"

The 216EL1 backplane problem generated from the backplane SAS expander firmware overall error status on each voltage (5.0V and 12V) are random values (sensor fail, not available, healthy). The random values on the SES register will cause our RAID adapter to show the above message. Areca has added the filter function on our firmware (1.49-2011-3-18) to disable the message. The issue can be solved by SuperMicro new version SAS expander firmware.

Tags: ARC-1680LP, backplane, firmware, SAS, Supermicro
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2015-08-25 04:05
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