Q10041111- There is not the same as before for Mac LION 10.7.2 when the user only needed to click on MRAID and the GUI would open.

MAC Lion has reduced the power up time. It will kill off our Archttp background task when our firmware is not ready for archttp. User can use the following methods to solve it.

(1).The archttp utility has reserved the option for user to program the waiting time. You can put the waiting time on the archttpsrv.conf file.

a. Find archttpsrv.conf

b. Add new line "WaitingForCard=60" into archttpsrv.conf under section [General]

ps. 60 stands for 60 second

(2). User can also change the legacy BIOS to EFI BIOS on MAC Lion. This will set up the handshaking message between Mac system BIOS and RAID controller EFI BIOS ready information.

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