Q10031110 - Do you test any of those Intel 320 Series SSD drives Areca controllers?

For system operation and I/O access, there is no problem on Intel SSD 320 series 160GB, 120GB, and 40GB. However, when clicking a specific HDD in GUI to check HDD info, ex: CH1, the HDD will be kicked off and this is the issue we found so far. It has fixed on the latest version firmware.

Besides, just share with you there is a serious bug for the Intel 320 Series SSD and fixed in mid-Aug. I suggest you request supplier to ship you SSD with latest F/W in order to avoid any problem in the future. The serious bug is the SSD might crash and all data will be gone (randomly, unexpectedly), and after you erase/ reset the disk, the capacity will become 8MB only no matter it’s 300GB or 40GB originally. You can check it out from the following website and download Intel tool and F/W there. http://communities.intel.com/thread/24205

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2015-08-25 04:13
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