Q10011108 - We have the problem on Giga-byte GA-880GA M/B using ARC-1220 /w Backup Battery Unit. It reports data corrupts after a power failure on ARC-1220 /w Backup Battery Unit

When resume from power lose event, our f/w will wait about 3 sec to make sure power is stable then start chip initial. At this wait time M/B bios will try to read configuration space and chip will response Configuration Retry Cycle. In GA-880GA M/B will continue try about 2.3 second then h/w reset do try 2.3 second again. Repeat 3 times h/w reset. M/B will turn off PCIE signal. So ARC-1220 can not work when it resumes from power lose. Now modify f/w wait when resume from power lose.

Tags: ARC-1220, BIOS, firmware
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2015-08-25 04:11
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