Q10011103 - I have a new dual Xeon server based on SuperMicro X8DTH-iF motherboard where I have installed one Areca ARC-1222. I am trying to install Windows 2008R2 64Bit, using both the CD-ROM Device Drivers (Storport) and the site driver. On both case after loading the driver I can read the partitions, but I cannot install the Operating System on it. The operating system report the following error: Windows is unable to install to the selected location Erorr: 0x80300001.

During the installation procedure the system need to load the correct device drivers to be able to see the volume sets but by default only show the SAS-RAID device driver (I am using the ARC-1222 as SATA RAID). You need to unhide the selection (unmark the hide checkbox in the installation steps) of the correct device driver (StorPort SATA RAID). Selecting manually (not as suggested by the system) and loading the correct driver everything is working fine.

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