Q10011304 - Areca Archttp cannot specify a name for smtp server in mail configuration. You can't put in an ip number, for example, Gmail smtp servers as that doesn't work.

Our ArcHTTP has supported SMTP Server IP Address by NAME or Number. Gmail smtp servers uses smtp over SSL. Please use the following command to enable the SSL function. This function was added after ArcHTTP version 2.3.1-20120824

1. Add the following line into [General] section of ArcHttpSrv.conf to enable SSL for SMTP[General]




2. Modify the SMTP server's port of the ArcHTTP > System Functions > General Configurations > SMTP Port#.

Ex: Gmail SSL SMTP needs port 465.




Google has implemented a 'use less secured apps' flag in the account>security section of it's setup. If this flag is set to NO, then port 465/ssl e-mails won't work. You have to set this flag to YES to get 465/ssl to function.



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