Q10011106 - We have a ARC-1880ix-16 card that is giving strange behavior. If we shut the machine down for a lengthy period of time, says 30 minutes or more, the next time it comes up, it doesn't see the Areca card. Instead, do a lspci shows a Megaraid controller.
06:00.0 Mass storage controller [0108]: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic LSI MegaSAS 9260 (rev 05)
After a reboot, it shows this correctly
06:00.0 RAID bus controller: Areca Technology Corp. Device 1880 (rev 05)

It is the problem from the I2C signal problem. Please update the Boot code and Master Boot Record to date 2011-2-18 or later.

Tags: ARC-1880IX-16, bootcode, I2C
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2015-08-25 04:06
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